Announcing our partnership with Berea College

The Foundation for Afghanistan and Berea College, a four-year liberal arts institution in Kentucky, concluded a memorandum of understanding for scholarships to Afghan students.

Under the partnership, Berea College will award up to two full scholarships each year to deserving Afghan students, who will receive a generous financial aid package consisting of room, board and fees.

Berea College

Berea College

The Foundation will identify and recommend qualified Afghan students who demonstrate a high likelihood of academic success and the determination to make meaningful contributions to Afghanistan upon completion of study in the United States.

“Berea College is pleased to enter into this partnership with the Foundation in an effort to identify qualified Afghan students whose family financial resources will make it impossible for them to afford the pursuit of an undergraduate degree in the United States,” said Dr. Larry Shinn, president of Berea College.

“It is our sincere desire to serve students who are committed to using their education for the benefit of their native people,” he added.

Established in 1855, Berea College is the first interracial an coeducational college in Southern United States. It does not charge tuition and only admits students who have academic promise but limited financial resources. Primarily serving the Appalachian region, Berea also admits students from across the United States and the world.

The first scholarship recipients under this partnership will start their college careers in the fall of 2012.

Through partnerships like this, the Foundation for Afghanistan is committed to helping Afghan students realize their human potential. We believe that developing the skills and capabilities of the Afghan people is the wisest long-term investment toward rebuilding and progress.

The Foundation is working to develop similar agreements and welcomes cooperation from like-minded organizations. If you or your organization is interested in exploring partnerships, please contact Ahmad Shuja at

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  • Maryam says:

    I am postgraduate and want to apply for MBA scholarships. now please lead me how to apply for MBA.

    thanks for your support.

    • Ahmad says:

      Maryam: These scholarships are for undergraduates only. Please research universities that offer MBA programs and apply directly.

      Best of luck,
      Foundation for Afghanistan

    • SHAH says:

      You beta search for Mastering Degree scholarships in

    • Jalal says:

      Great to hear such opportunities to Afghan future change makers,any way, I am graduated from school and looking for a scholarship for higher education , please lead me how can i achieve it .

  • Appreciate it for the excellent writeup. Anyway, how could we communicate?

  • Abdul Ghafoor says:

    I want to apply for BBA scholarships. now please lead me how to apply for BBA.

    thanks for your support.

  • Abdul Subhan Raouf says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    My name is Abdul Subhan Raouf, graduated from faculty of social science at 1996. Since 2001 I worked with local NGOs and since 2007 I am working with the ministry of Education to different position like deputy planning director, Monitoring and Reporting officer. I am very interested to get my master degree in the area of my working like Monitoring and Reporting, Statistic or Management Information System (MIS).

    Kindly requested to guide me how I can get my master degree and what are the steps.

    Kind regards,

    Abdul Subhan Raouf
    Monitoring & Reporting Officer
    EMIS Directorate, Ministry of Education
    Muhammad Jan Khan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan
    Cell # : +93-700-296-705
    Email :

    • Ahmad says:

      Mr. Subhan: These scholarships are for undergraduate students — that is, people who have not attended college or university before.

      Please conduct independent research on opportunities for more advanced education. Statistics and actuarial sciences are quite in high demand and you are likely to get a scholarship that way.

      Best of luck,
      Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Hezbullah Afghan says:

    i want to apply for MBA degree so please help in this regard

  • Masouda says:

    Dear Sir or Madem
    This is masouda sulaimankhil iam student of Law and political science i will graduate end of November 2011 i have interst to partake in this scholarship if possible please inform me.

    • Ahmad says:

      Students who already have their undergraduate degree are ineligible for these scholarships.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Masouda says:

    shall i participate in this scholership?

  • Nilab says:

    Dear Sir/madam ,

    with due respect I would like to apply for the opportunity scholarship program to support Afghan student .

    I am Nilab Farhat graduated from Internation female Afghan Turk High school and wants to apply for this colleg to support me
    as you mentioned for who are thoes student to dont have financaily support therfore kindly requested you please accept my request to give me chance for studyin my knowledge as low fuculty in united state

    best regard
    Nilab Farhat
    tel :0093)773 324 882

    • Ahmad says:

      Please see the scholarship page and read the requirements. If you are eligible, please apply and your application will be considered.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Sayyed Abdul Basit says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I am graduated from international ariana afghan-turk high school kabul in 2009. Since then due to economical problems, I have worked with different organisations in different positions. Now I would like to continue my education preferably in engineering/technology if possible through this scholarship scheme.
    I tolerantly request you to guide me please how to join.
    Best regards

    • Ahmad says:

      Please see the scholarship page for details and other information about the application.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • I want to apply for MD scholarships. now please lead me how to apply for MD.

    thank you.


    • Ahmad says:

      Faizullah: These scholarships are only for undergraduate students. We recommend that you conduct your independent research on scholarships for medical schools.

      Best of lucj,
      Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Abdul Saboor says:

    Dear Sir,

    i hope all is well,i have graduated from high school and currently work for a private company and i want to apply for this program but i do not have TOEFL or IELTS score so what to do now?


    • Ahmad says:

      Saboor: TOEFL or IELTS are absolutely necessary. I recommend that you take your time to prepare and then take the test. We will off these scholarships next year too, so you have one year to do so.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • sayed hamid says:

    dear sir

    i applied for this worthy scholarship, and just waiting for results.
    how many scholarships are considered for afghans? is percentage of success above 50 percent or not?
    yours sincerely

    • Ahmad says:

      Hamid: We received your application. We have a limited number of scholarships, so we do not have a minimum score above which everyone is selected. Instead, we will select the applicants with the top scores.

      Best of luck!

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Somaya says:

    Dear Ahmad

    hope u fine, my all requirements are complete only i do not have TOEFL or IELTS Certificate i have studied english in some institute in kabul and i have certificate from them.

    Best Regards

    • Ahmad says:

      Somaya: We only accept TOEFL or IELTS (or SAT) as a measure of a student’s English proficiency. It’s an internationally acceptable test that can help compare your skills with those of other students across Afghanistan and around the world.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Asadullah says:

    Dear sir/madam
    with due respect i am asadullah arif mohammadi and i willing to apply for the scholarship opportunity through your organization. so here i have one more question and is that ( is the TOEFL score of American University Of Afghanistan acceptable for the scholarship requirements or no? if not please guide some more. thanks

    best regards

    asadullah arif mohammadi

  • Walid says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    this is walid graduated of high school. will you please provide some info regarding how to apply for BBA. thanks in advance

  • Hello dear sir/madam,
    I like to apply for MBA course and I got my bachelor degree in computer science! Please guide that how can i apply for this course

    warm regards

    • Ahmad says:

      Amir: These scholarships are only for undergraduates, or students who have not received their bachelor’s degrees yet.

      -Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Meer Wahiz says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have done my BIT Degree Becholor of Informaton Technology and i like to have my MBA abroad therefore let me know the Process
    Meer Wahiz Mujaddadi

    • Ahmad says:

      Meer Wahiz: These scholarships are for undergraduate (bachelor’s) degrees only. We suggest you conduct independent research about opportunities to do your MBA on a scholarship.

      Best of luck.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Dear sir/Madam.

    I am interested in studying overseas , because the quality of universities are not standard , so I want to apply for this scholarship but I don’t know how to apply and what to do for this scholarship, I will be grateful if you tell me.
    yours sincerely
    Ali Ahmad Behruz

  • Sohrab says:

    dear Sir/Madam,

    i have done my BBA and i would like to continue my knowledge abroad i really gratitude you could kindly inform us about the procedure and how to apply for it, i will highly venerate your co-operation into this action.


    Sohrab Paawand

  • M.Ali says:

    hello dear sir or madam :
    I would like to apply for this scholarship, but I do not have the TOEFL SCORE , I want to give TOFEL test in American University of Afghanistan Kabul DI Code: 1423. I would like to know that; Is the score of institutional acceptable or not ?
    Best regard M.Ali

    • Ahmad says:

      M. Ali: We only accept international TOEFL scores; institutional TOEFL is not acceptable. In Afghanistan, you can take the test in Kandahar, Herat or Kabul. Please see the official TOEFL website for test dates and registration information:

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • sayed hamid says:

    dear sir
    it is very appreciable for afghans that united states of america gave an opportunity for us to study there.
    what i want to know is that how many scholarships are allocated for afghans?

    • Ahmad says:

      There are several scholarships each year, and we are constantly working to increase that number.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Ruhullah says:


    On the page, you are asking for a 500-word essay. What that should be about?
    Another question was that should I just scan my high school transcript and send it to the give email address?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

    • Ahmad says:

      Ruhullah: The topic for the essay is in the application. Download it and you will see it on the second page.

      And, yes – scanned copies of your documents will be fine.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • sayed hamid says:

    dear sir

    i just wanted to know that when the results of selected candidates will be appeared?

    best regards

  • Enayatullah Ayubi says:

    I have completed my bacceaularate degree (12th Class) I passed the exam for scholarship program was offered by the goverment of Pakistan and was student of BBA at Peshawer University, but I was abduct by kiddnappers early this year and remain in their custody for 7 months, therefore I lost my thread of study and am not able to continue my education anymore in Pakistan because of the stress and fair I may have as well the worry of my family, therefore looking for an oppurtunity to attend to my education from the first year and proceed to get my degrees and serve to my country. Financially I won’t be strong to afford my education cost myself abroad, therefore looking for a scholarship program anywhere, so kindly requesting what are the oppotunity for me here and what are the requirement so that I can consider myself eligible for this program, I don’t have the numbers for TOEFEL or IELTS but have the knowledge to pass the exam and get the score of eligibility.

    Kind regards

    Enayatullah Ayubi

  • sayed hamid says:

    dear sir

    i just wanted to know that when the results of selected candidates will be appeared? is there an exact date specified for it?

    best regards

  • Omer says:

    Hi My name is Mohammad Omer i knew about berea college before afghan foundation had partnership with college….now i want to apply and get all the help that you can give me…and i have scored 5.5 in IELTS …i need help in filling the application and essay .

  • Abdulhaq says:

    Does Berea College accepting applications for the year 2012 I came to know late.

  • Mohammad Jalil says:

    I have applied for 2011 scholarship, unluckily i was not shortlisted could you please tell me what was your criteria for your scholarship?

    Second Question:

    Are you Shuja Ahmed Who was at QTA?

  • mustafa says:

    My name is Mustafa Razahi,doing my second year BBA in American university of AFghanistan. Am i eligible for scholarship?

  • Ramin aminzada says:

    hi everyone i am Ramin from afghanistan, is there anyone help me to get a scholarship for studying abroad. thanks

  • SHAH says:

    Hello Sir Ahmad;
    I am graduating from school this year and searching for scholarships so badly to study abroad i’ve been preparing myself for the IELTS exam and gonna take the test this year after the Kankor Afg. exam. I will be looking forward for your response i would love to be informed by email or via any other contact add:
    Mobile: 0093783804960

  • Shahpuor says:

    Good day,

    Sir, im pleased to read this announcement, yet very much keen to join the scholarship, please advice me where to download the Form.

    Thank you
    Shahpuor Aryaee

  • Ismail zubair says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I hope you are doing fine,
    I am a medical doctor,MD currently working as mater trainer with MoPH. i am very much eager to do my master in public healht. thus i have some question in this regards,you are kindly request to guide me.
    1. Dose Foundation for Afghanistan has or will have any scholorship of Master in public health for year 2012 or 2013?

    2. I heard that GRD ( hope i spilled it correct) exam is also requird for some american scholorships along with TOEFL, what is this exam about (please explan) and is it reqiured for Master in Public health. if so, is there any place in kabul to get ready for GRD exam?

    Thanks for your kind information and guidance

    Dr. Ismail Zubair

    • Ahmad says:

      Answers to your questions:

      1. We do not have a master’s in public health scholarship program. Your best option would be to apply for Fulbright, which was just expanded for next year.

      2. The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is required by most master’s programs in the US. You can read up on it on the internet, but whether it is required for a master’s program in public health depends on the school/scholarship you want to apply for. We are not aware of a GRE prep course in Kabul. The common way to prepare for the test is to work on your own, often using a prep book and other materials.

  • Ismail zubair says:

    No reply to my comment yet?

  • Shaima says:

    Can you please give update on next (2013) undergraduate scholarship when will it be announced for Berea College?

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