We’re hiring! Position open in our Kabul office

Update (December 15, 2011): We are no longer accepting applications for this position. Foundation for Afghanistan Logo Symbol

The Foundation for Afghanistan is hiring for the following position. Interested candidates please refer to this announcement and send your applications no later than December 1, 2011.


Job title: Executive Director, Afghanistan

Contract duration: Indefinite – multi-year

Job summary
The Foundation for Afghanistan is looking for a motivated self-starter to work as our Executive Director in Afghanistan. The Foundation for Afghanistan is a nonprofit organization registered and based in Washington, DC and Kabul, Afghanistan.

The Foundation is an alliance between Afghans and their global friends committed to promoting human capacity in Afghanistan. Projects include, among other things, scholarships for Afghan students at Afghan and U.S. universities, advanced professional training programs, grants to local Afghan NGOs.

The Foundation will be vigorously expanding its operations over the next few months to years. The ideal candidate will be a dynamic manager with experience in dealing with people at the highest levels, skilled in mainstream information technology products and services, and fluent in local languages.

Job description
The Executive Director will be the Foundation’s main presence in Afghanistan and will perform all tasks critical to its operations. In particular, their duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Working with the Foundation’s President and the Executive Director in Washington, DC, and with the Foundation’s Advisory Board in Afghanistan
  • Designing and supervising the implementation of programs
  • Managing and expanding the Foundation’s contact network among NGOs, universities, high schools, businesses, the government, intellectual circles, the media, professional associations and elsewhere
  • Managing financial controls to ensure accountability and transparency
  • Representing the Foundation to experts, the public, the media and others
  • Actively implementing the Foundation’s programs, including the outreach and recruitment for its scholarship and professional development programs
  • Hiring staff and establishing offices in Kabul and elsewhere as necessary

Key skills, qualifications and characteristics

  • Must be an Afghan national and fluent in English and Dari or Pashto
  • Five to eight years management experience, preferably in fast-growing and complex organizations
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, or adequate professional experience
  • Self-starting, operates independently but works closely with the U.S. operation
  • Good existing network of contacts in Afghanistan
  • Previous exposure to NGOs, preferably related to development
  • Ability to reach out and work effectively with different ethnic, religious, tribal and political groups
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Competence in basic financial management
  • Comfortable in the use of office software, the internet and internet-based platforms such as Skype, blogging, emails, etc.
  • Highest commitment to integrity

Salary and compensation
Salary will be competitive by industry standards and commensurate with experience.

How to apply
Please send your CV/resume and a one-page cover letter explaining why you are a good match for this position to applications@foundationforafghanistan.org. Deadline is December 1, 2011.

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  • Helena Malikyar says:

    I would like to know the salary level for the position of Exec. Director. Is it based on Afghan or international salary scale? Thanks.

    • Ahmad says:

      Thank you for your interest. We are looking to employ a local, so the salary will be based on a corresponding scale.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Abdul Basir Habibi says:

    It would be honor even if i work Voluntarily fro this nonprofit organization!

  • Ahmad says:

    How is the hiring process? Does this position have any other advantages rather than salary.

    • Ahmad says:

      The hiring process is based on merit — relevant work experience and the ability to get the job done.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Farid Akrami says:


    My name is Farid A. Akrami, and I live in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I work for a local weekly newspaper as reporter/translator. I would love to co-operate with this Foundation, voluntarily in the south.

    I would love to apply for the position but my years of experience and my field of work doesn’t permit me to apply. Let me know if you need any kind of assistance here in the south, because I have good contacts with both people and officials.

    Thank you,

    Thank you,

  • Ahmad Aimal says:

    My name is Aimal; I would like to know about the available vacancy in Finance or Admin Section. And also what is the scope of your organization in which field working, except sending students to aboard for higher education. I would like to know more about your organization.

    Thank you,

    • Ahmad says:

      We do not currently have any finance vacancy available. For the scope of our work, please see the About Us section of this website.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Azeem says:

    Based on the information herein and the email i received when the position was announced, i applied for the position by following the guidelines.I did not receive any sort of confirmation email on whether my email/Resume was received or not.


    • Ahmad says:

      Azeem: Your application has bene received. You will hear from us in the next few weeks in case you are shortlisted for an interview.

      –Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Having along experienc with National and International agencies..i.e USAID,Ministry of Labor and Social affairs,The British Council,American Cultural Center,Kabul and founder and director of “Wafia”…etc,
    the new job must be challenging and extremely interesing with international salary rate.I live in USA now.

    • Ahmad says:

      Soraya: The deadline for applications to this position has already passed. But if you send us your resume, we can keep it on file for future vacancies.

      Thank you,
      Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Ah. Rashid says:

    Dear Sir or Ma’am,

    My name is Ah. Rashid, I have more than 2 years experience as an office assistant in some local companies (Kabul-Afg) but because of gaining more experience and working for a standard organization, I would really like to work in your organization. It would be really kindness if you could tell me that is there any vacancy available that I would be able to apply for it. I would be really happy to have an opportunity to discuss about my education and experience.

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

    Ah. Rashid

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