Where to take TOEFL and IELTS tests in Afghanistan

If you are an Afghan student hoping to study abroad, you will more than likely be required to take the TOEFL or the IELTS test. They are necessary for most scholarship programs because they offer the only way to compare your English abilities with those of students from elsewhere.

A good TOEFL or IELTS score is always important in helping students access scholarship opportunities abroad. Many Afghan educational centers offer TOEFL preparation courses, but most students do not know where and how to apply and whom to contact. In this blog post, we explain everything.

  1. TOEFL Test:

The Test Of English as a Foreign Language is only offered in Kabul and Herat, so students have to travel to these cities to take the test. Currently, only the Paper-Based Test (PBT) is offered in Afghanistan. Students wishing to take the iBT or cBT can travel to Pakistan or Kyrgyzstan.

  • Test location: University of Nebraska / UNO Education Press

Paktia Kot, Beside Pashmenabafi Factory, Pul-e-Charkhi Road, District 9, Kabul

  • Registration: Students can register online at the official TOEFL website. You will need a credit/debit card.
  • Fee: The registration fee is US$160.
  • Dates: Several test dates are available throughout the year. You can always check the next test date on the official TOEFL website. Test dates may change every year, so make sure you check the latest date on that page.
  • Contact: For Kabul, call +93-(0)-7740-755 827 and for Herat, call +93-(0)-799-208-770.

Remember: If you are applying for scholarships abroad, you should take the international TOEFL test, available only through the University of Nebraska / UNO Education Press. The TOEFL test currently offered by the American University of Afghanistan is called an institutional test and is only used for AUAF’s internal placement needs, not for international scholarships.

  1. IELTS Test:

The International English Language Testing System is offered through the British Council and its affiliates in Afghanistan.

  • Registration: You can register through the British Council’s subsidiary, Aria Delta Consulting Group. They are located next to Afghan Khyber Wedding Hall, Saleem Karwan Square, Taimani Main Road, Kabul.
  • Fee: The registration fee is US$200.
  • Dates: Schedule is available on the British Council website and through the Aria Delta Consulting Group.
  • Contact: Contact the Aria Delta Consulting Group at +93-(0)793-108-181 or at info@aria-delta.com.


Note: For ongoing announcements and changes to test dates, etc., visit the British Council Afghanistan website.

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  • shafiullah says:

    it is very nice hearing that we also have such opportunity in afghanistan through which we can go abroad the country and can get higher education. after getting information about TOFEL and ILETS i will surly get admission and hope i pass in this exam until i afford to get higher education abroad the country.
    love it
    shafiullah sameer from Rotary High school

    • irfan stanikzai says:

      I didn’t take TOEFL test yet how can i take? And where is the preparation institution for TOEFL,and the duration this?
      If somebody didn’t want to give TOEFL though he know English can he take admission in abroad universities?

      • Ahmad says:

        If you don’t want to take the TOEFL, take the IELTS. There is no other way to show that you know English. Everyone from around the world takes the same test, so it measures the abilities of people in the same way.

  • Nisar says:

    Dear Admin

    TOEFL Test has been recently upgraded from pbt to iBT (International Version), but the pbt is still available for Institutional verstion which is held at American University of Afghanistan.

  • Noorullah Faiez says:

    Toefl and Ielts tests are very important for those who wish to do their higher education abroad,
    and also it has international validatory…

  • Sameer says:

    I am a sameer but i am join a ielts for student visa i am go to uk for higher education in bba i am very happy

  • Haron says:

    i applied in an International University outside the Afghanistan. they want my TOEFL or IELTS score to support my application and educational documents if i participate to TOEFL test in first of July or August could American University of Afghanistan announce my score or result early before end of August?

    • Ahmad says:


      If you are applying for scholarships outside Afghanistan, do not take the TOEFL at AUAF – institutional TOEFL tests are not valid abroad. Take the test offered by ETS through one of the partners in Afghanistan, such as the University of Nebraska/UNO Education Press. Check out the information in the post above for more.

  • Haron says:

    and my second question is this. for internatiional student TOEFL is difficult or same as others participating to TOEFL tests?

  • omid says:

    i like to improve my knowledge

  • Mariam says:

    Hi, i really liked these information about toefl and ielts, though i didnt take a test of neither toefl and nor ielts. But i am preparing for ielts now, one thing i didnt get is whether ielts offers scholarship for afgan student or not,because i am to take this test and want to get scholarship so i can get the chance to study abroad.

    • Ahmad says:


      Neither IELTS nor TOEFL “offers scholarships” — they are tests to compare students’ English skills, not scholarship tests. They are used, however, as a way to determine which students are most suitable for a scholarship. Typically, schools use a combination of TOEFL/IELTS, school grades and teacher recommendations to choose the best student for a scholarship. TOEFL and IELTS are usually used interchangeably, so you will likely be able to apply to an opportunity that requires TOEFL results with your IELTS scores.

      -Foundation for Afghanistan

  • Zahid says:

    What is the defferent between TOEAL and IELTS?

  • AbdulMajeed says:

    Dear All:

    I want to study TOEFL for the purpose of mastery in foriegn country.

    How to increase my knowledge through this system of english language.

    With Regards

  • Ghulam Sakhi says:

    Ghulam Sakhi “Sahil”

    Dear Sir/Madam;

    Is in Mazar-i-Sharif Afghanistan TOFEL or IELTS test center, if there is please let me know where?

    Best regards

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